🗽 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that Communist China is “one of the freest societies” on Earth.


Nancy's Pointless Trip to Taiwan
Nancy Pelosi decided to spend her summer vacation stirring up the entire Pacific theater to satisfy her ego.


Was Paul Pelosi Arrested in 2018 for DUI? Either That or Someone with Same Name and Attorney via@WestJournalism https://www.westernjournal.com/paul-pelosi-arrested-2018-dui-either-someone-name-attorney/

#RedChina sanctions #NancyPelosi and her family in revenge for her #taiwan visit, calling it an 'egregious provocation' https://www.businessinsider.com/china-sanctions-pelosi-and-family-revenge-for-taiwan-visit-2022-8

Pelosi Claims China is Angry Because She’s a Woman


Taiwan, Pelosi’s Attention Getting Distraction – A Political Stunt

It is beyond belief that the speaker who tore up the copies of Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address on national television, expects us…

Is Pelosi Leading the US Into War with China? https://theinfowar.tv/watch?id=62eaff2e9730eb418c613541

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