#AlyssaMilano raised some eyebrows today in a #Twitter thread where she claimed that banning #abortion is about controlling women and β€œ#transgender men” as well as being about β€œ #WhiteSupremacy , the #Patriarchy , and #misogyny .” https://mediarightnews.com/alyssa-milano-raises-eyebrows-claims-that-banning-abortion-is-about-controlling-women-and-trans-men-as-well-as-being-about-white-supremacy-the-patriarchy-and-misogyny/

Men Take Advantage of 'Equality' , Get Called "Losers"!
- https://odysee.com/@RagingGoldenEagle:1/men-take-advantage-of-equality,-get:8 (RGE) {odysee}

Tradationalism + Patriarchy + Manup
Liberalism + Statism + Equality + Wamanup

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

CT/ERIC - Society Foundation used to be based off:-
* Ethnic Nationalism
* Ethnic Protectionism
* Ethnic Tradationalism
* Patriarchy
* Free Market Captialism
* National Currency based on hours without Usery

What will Christianity + Church + Christians do to prevent World Dictorship happening in 2030 ?
If anything at all based sitting on your arse + praying

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Does Christianity supporting removing

The STATE control/power

Remove Alimony
Remove Child 'support'
Remove divorce 'settlement'

Remove Pussy Pass

Remove Abortion
Remove All gential mutlation (Child/Adult, M/F)

Put women back in the kitchen barefoot and pregant

Bring BACK the Patriarchy

Lets bring back actual patriarchy

Put women back in the kitchen

Apologies for my absence. A lot has been going on, lately. Lost my great grandpa today. Was a great man, and a patriarchy for my family. Will never forget him πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

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