By radically redefining marriage and eviscerating states’ rights, HB 8404 would impose progressive sexual ideology as state orthodoxy. via@DailySignal

🇮🇱 Sexual harassment allegations rock Orthodox Jewish feminist group
Range of accusations against Bat Sheva Marcus, sex therapist and former board chair of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, were kept quiet for years due to employees’ NDAs. The #MeToo movement swept the country, eliciting revelation after revelation about workplace harassment and abuse, the women stayed publicly silent. |

In response Jeff Hertzog to his Publication

Also these 2 make mockery of people like ME who believe in Genesis 6 the Nephilim and bad mouths us too, despicable and Satanic! These guys I am boycotting want NO free thought, typical Protestants - Catholics & Orthodox, OBEY or else! Legalism!
#ChurchInApostasy !😡

In response Jeff Hertzog to his Publication

Part 3
Even #DonaldTrump Supporters get attacked viciously as they are heretics (BTW many know I did NOT vote for #Hillary nor Trump in 2016, I vote third party, Darrel Castle of the #CONSTITUTION Party was my choice!) ! I studied since 1980 how the Evil #Trinity (Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy) & Protestantism) throughout history have put to death Christians who believe in the Rapture, their theology is #Covenant , #Reformed and #replacement !
I won't answer questions on this now but think seriously of this, & be ready, I will, just like the Nursing Home Abuse in 2018l which THEY KNEW ABOUT, DID NOTHING, THEY ATTACK ABUSIVE #Cops but when I called in and stated my issue, (I have the audio clip) then he attacked me, not respecting law enforcement! Hypocrit

Pastor Jim Devney: #sermon #kjv #Bible #BibleStudy - 4- 6 -22 Wednesday Night Bible Study "#Replacement, #Covenant and #Reformed (#RomanCatholic, #Orthodox & #Protestant ) #Theology "

4- 6 -22 Wed. Bible Study "Replacement Theology" - YouTube

Pastor Jim Devney's Wednesday Evening Bible Study. The title to this lesson is "Replacement Theology". Get a syllabus by clicking here: https://chusermedia....

Georgetown’s Bridge Initiative: Manufactured ‘Islamophobia’ -
Niger: Muslims murder 19 civilians in jihad raid on village -
Turkey Keeps Main Orthodox Christian Theological School Closed for 50 Years -

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