Every American, stop shirking your responsibility as "We the People" TO HAVE A CHANCE TO SAVE AMERICA, YOU MUST START AT THE COUNTY, LOCAL LEVEL! #restorethemilitia - I will for short time more keep the 2 videos up on my website where how to do it lawfully & constitutional, as of NOW America's blood (since most want Tyranny fascism communism nazism) your blood is OFF MY HANDS! www.jeffhertzog.net do it NOW while I still have them up! Then start learning to GROW AND STORE ORGANIC FOOD! LINKS ON MY WEBSITE TOO!

America is in the throws of experiencing the blurred lines that exists between the Leftist-Socialist ideologies of Communism, Fascism, and Nazism. Justin Smith shows these blurred Socialist lines: https://bit.ly/3E0etn5

Fascism Nazism & Communism in #Michigan - Dictator Gretchen Whitmer Ties Freedom to #Coronavirus #Vaccines (said Thursday she will ease coronavirus restrictions on the state when enough residents SUBMIT to receiving a vaccine.) https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/04/30/michigan-gov-gretchen-whitmer-ties-freedom-to-coronavirus-vaccines

93 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Speaks. We already know many Countries, are being inflicted with CommuSocialism ... this woman adds the touch of Nazism element part as well...

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