National School Boards Association Letter Called For National Guard and Military To Be Deployed Against Parents via@pamelageller

Northwestern Europe ➣ #UnitedKingdom

🇬🇧 British Warships Could Be Sent In To Protect Freighters Carrying Crucial Ukrainian Grain And Break Putin's Blockade Of Black Sea Ports That Is Threatening To Cause A World Food Crisis. |

EXCLUSIVE - Hundreds of migrants are RELEASED into the U.S. on the day Title 42 was supposed to end: Business as usual at the border with border officials STILL expecting a surge and shelters crowded - despite judge keeping restrictions

Stunning. Wuhan Lab was Experimenting with Monkeypox Last Year - Published Research Report in International Journal in February. In February 2022, Virologica Sinica published a recent gain of function research project performed by scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in August 2021 while the COVID-19 pandemic was still raging around the world.

The #AlexJonesShow LIVE:
Day One Of World Government Summit In Geneva, NWO Crime Syndicate Declares War On The Nation-State, Populism & Medical Freedom

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Crisis what crisis? Joe Biden Says U.S. Recession ‘Not Inevitable’

Soaring food, gas, and rent prices, supply chain blockages, summer power blackouts, and inflation on the up. President Joe Biden chose to ignore these key economic indicators Monday when he blithely assured the nation a U.S. recession is “not inevitable.”

Elon Musk Hammers Hillary Clinton Over ‘Russia Hoax’: ‘Pissed’ My Donation Used For ‘Lying’ via@pamelageller

The Covid-19 Vaccination Massacre

Dr. Igor Shepherd has put together an awesome essay picked by addressing COVID-19 as a fearmongering ploy to institute a Globalist ONE-WORLD governance among sovereign nations AND that the mRNA Jab actual purpose was (or is) not to cure COVID variations, BUT RATHER to damage people’s immune system to perpetuate future plandemic fearmongering to control the world’s population under ONE-WORLD Tyranny transformation:

Maybe we should consider punishing these hypocritical free-speech sites that falsely advertise
- (National Revolutionary Media)[JoshwhoTV]

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#Censorship #free -Speech #Consequences #Lying #corrupt #shady


Refugees are being deliberately planted
in small, homogenous towns in Ireland
with no infrastructure or facilities to disrupt the natural order.

All these small towns need
- Kick out anti whites
- Border Walls
- Barb Wire
- Moats
- Guard Towers
- Community Patrol
- Community Security

The community needs to work together to exclude outsiders
Get rid of state council, non profits, churches and corporations


Is China too Chinese
Is India too Indian
Is Korea to Korean
Is Africa too African
Is Israel too Jewish

Then why does it ONLY ever apply to Whitey

#White #race #identity #Nation #nationalism #culture #society #homogenous #Ireland

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