BENNY VS. BRANDON: LIVE Reaction to Joe Biden’s Press Conference - Let’s Laugh At Brandon Together

She Gets It! Meet The Lawyer Leading The Fight Against NYC’s Mandates And Lockdowns

Elon Musk’s Brain Implant Company Is Inching Toward Human Trials

Undeniably vile and disgusting, but it needs to be noted that the tattoo artist in question claims to have collected the fetus decades ago and had forgotten about it and claims that he does not collect the dark and disgusting things that he used to. No telling what changes may have taken place over the course of his life, but it appears that he may be walking a path less dark than he used to.

Known hostile entities should not be allowed to own anything on U.S. soil, much less agricultural land nor should US citizens be allowed to sell anything to known hostile entities.

In response Renaud Be1 to his Publication

🚨Update: It is reported that the young girl, her name is Sandrine Guénin, and she is an actress, possibly of the Québécor entertainment world; I remember seeing her face before. The Snyder Witch apologized after many complaints, where she said she committed an error in judgment, but it was not an error, it was very much calculated misleading propaganda toxic injection peddling, as they all surely got paid in the end by the pharmaceutic criminal cabal, as accessory to crimes against humanity.

In response Renaud Be1 to his Publication

The Julie Snyder witch is definitively part of the evil cabal

Video: Joe Rogan Details How Anyone Who Doesn’t Identify As Far Left Is Now Labelled ‘Alt Right’

Curious as to who did the arm-twisting in Britain to put an end to the COVID tyranny across the pond.

And it is being reported that Ireland and even France are following suit. [France most surprisingly]

But Austria doubles down on its COVID tyranny despite the massive protests against the mandates and restrictions.

Rock artist Meat Loaf, who is loved for his dark stage theatricals and whose music touched many,
has died at the age of 74 on Thursday.

The 'Bat Out Of Hell' singer, whose real name is Michael Lee Aday,
passed away with his wife Deborah by his side.

#MeatLoaf #rockNroll #Batoutofhell

Another 'convid' death with boosted and double jabbed ???

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