In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

What if we vote for NO ONE

No Govement
No Central banking
No Corporations
No Agenda 21
No Plandemioc
No Climate Fruad

When has voting worked for the tax cattle

What potlican, party or goverment has rejected
Agenda 21 2020-2030 from 1991 to 2021 .......


In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Joe Biden

All of them are actors, fakes and puppeted

None of them represent the
or freedom


Christians and people will have to choose soon

Freedom & Self Respoblties and authority over our own lives
or part of World Goyim Slavery/NWO/Agenda 21 2030

Statism vs Freedom

Christians will have to choose

What Reason Dem-Marxists Desire American Civil War?

SUMMARY: The NWO Report cross posted an article focusing on a Banned VIDEO posted on November 24. … The discussion is led by Alex Jones and the participants are General Flynn, Joe Flynn & Patrick Byrne. The consensus was Deep State provokes bloody Civil War. I ask, “Why?” ANSWER… READ & WATCH:

No Entry Now In Many Australian Stores Without The Mark - Papers Please

Business always jumps for Goverment
Increase Min wage , Tax, GST , Jab , Paid time off , QR codes , Face muzzle,etc

#australia #ZOG #Israel #agenda21 #NWO #GreatReset #WEF #Plandemic #Retail #statism #bunnings

In response John Burke to his Publication

What does the 'right' and 'conservities' and christians do


Because they aid the destruction of western nations and the slow creep towards Agenda 21 / 2030 / NWO

Alex Jones debates David Duke 18/Aug/20215 - Full interview HQ -

#AlexJones #davidduke #zionist #Jews #Israel #bankers #NWO #agenda21 #2020 #2030

Alex Jones debates David Duke 2015 08 18 full interview HQ - YouTube +++ +++ http://Stormfront.orgCheck out David Dukes free radioshow!

Keep an eye open for hidden 5G masts on roof tops.
They are being disguised as chimneys.

If you have to hide it , your up to no good

#agenda21 #NWO #5G #GreatReset #2030 #2020 #worldGoverment #Goyim #mobilecell #hiding

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