Swiss consider amending Banking Secrecy laws | World Latest News | WION - YouTube

Article 47 in Switzerland is known as the Banking secrecy law. It makes a criminal offence to disclose information about a bank's clients even if it is the p...

This is the sort that Demoratic policies are protecting.

Family of 15-year-old girl who went missing at Mavericks game demand answers from 8 people arrested in sex trafficking scheme, Dallas Police, and Oklahoma hotel where she was found

This site is magic - is this the answer to Twitter? About time I suppose!

Can We Revive the Old #CONSTITUTION ? (my answer, NO, #America is finished! I gave up & lost all hope!)

The Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, both run by Answers In Genesis, ought to be a breath of fresh air for those seeking an alternative to the cesspool that Disney has become.

It seems that whenever the left even so much as gives the appearance of taking any action against a crisis or problem, the actions taken are always weak, pathetic, and don’t fool anyone. The latest in Chicago is a case in point as the powers that be in Chicago think that unarmed security guards will deter crime and criminal activity taking place in the city’s public transportation spaces.

AstraZeneca President can’t answer why the company needed indemnity

Remember when Ben Carson was asked:
“What actions of Hillary Clinton do you consider the most Satanic?”

What was his answer again?

Goodbye Neutrality: Russian Invasion Provokes Sweden to Join NATO
Sweden's newfound support for NATO membership is another sign of the massive shift in European attitudes following Russia's invasion. |

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