LISTEN: Police Dispatch Responds To Minneapolis Shooting After Maxine Waters Incited Riot

Minneapolis BLM Icon Arrested For Failing To Register As Child Sex Offender

Media Darling and Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Militant Arrested for Failing to Register as Child Sex Offender — Blames Racism of Course

#AmericanJournal LIVE: Rioting Pops Off In Minneapolis As Border Collapses!

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Video: Reporters Scold Police Chief For Using Word “Riots” When Referring to Minneapolis Riots

Man Who Minneapolis Area Police Shot, Provoking Riot, Had Warrant For Arrest, Was Fleeing Police

The follow up to my audio clip calling out#KateShemirani on my website will be delayed for this: I am planning this weekend an Audio Clip on my take on the Trial in#Minneapolis regarding#GeorgeFloyd - I Urge ALL Americans to pay attention to that clip, your nation is under Ju

Incredibly wrong for Minneapolis to announce a settlement prior to the trial. Terrible.

Minneapolis is an amazing city, but i can't begin to express the level of destruction in parts of our city last summer. It had a massive ripple effect across communities. I'm very concerned we are going to see issues regardless of verdict.

Minneapolis made a big mistake not having this trial in January when it was -20 outside. A judgment will be coming just as our weather gets nice. Unfortunately, I see a strong possibilty of "peaceful protests" regardless of verdict.

Justice for Derek Chauvin ➖ ➖If you were a juror, would you dare to return a ‘not guilty’ verdict?

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