Summit of the Americas: US aims private funds at migration

The plan announced by Vice President #Harris comes amid a #Boycott of the Americas summit by leaders of Central America and Mexico. |

People calling out Max Igan

MAX IGAN's Santiago to Sydney Flight Shows Globe Anomaly [CLIP]'s-santiago-to-sydney-flight:0

* Note - I don't trust Globe Busters or Flat Earth Dave
(Both Gatekeepers + Flat earth Dave is Jewish)

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#Shills #controlled -Opposition #fence -Sitting
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Huge caravan of up to 15,000 migrants heads through Mexico towards the U.S. border ahead of Biden's Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles

REPORT: John Deere Moving Part Of Production From Iowa To Mexico

FBI Stops ISIS Sympathizer’s Plan To Kill President Bush. Sought to have the assassins enter the US through Mexico.

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