We noticed that on Scott Cunningham's decentralization Matrix chart, we were considered to be the most libertarian (free speech) video sharing site in the alt-tech world. Thank you Scott for acknowledging us!

The Decentralization Matrix - Scott Cunningham

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Banks, corporations and especially (((those who own them))) have a lot more power today than the founding fathers intended…And way too many sycophants want to keep it that way!

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Thomas Sowell - The Origins of Woke - YouTube

In 1995, Thomas Sowell examined the elitist social movement that has now metastasized into Woke culture. http://www.LibertyPen.com

In response TinHat Granny to her Publication

Message from Keanu Reeves about the current situation continued from post..

a large portion of the population has been awakened.
The most important thing is that there is now a war between our supreme masters and those who want to free us.
What is the matrix?
the matrix is a holographic universe projected into us by those who want to control us.
Humanity has been repressed and controlled in this way for millennials.
We think it's real, but in reality it's just a movie that's playing in the collective consciousness, which presents itself as "reality".
This is a spiritual shift that needs to take place.
People have had enough of useless wars, totalitarian leadership and authoritarian control.
People wake up to what's really important in life.
It is time to

Message from Keanu Reeves about the current situation.

"Humans are about to release themselves from the matrix."
A war is underway that will shape the future of human existence and the world we leave to our children is silently optimistic about the future because humanity shows signs of breaking the matrix.
The human race has been reduced to slavery for thousands of years, we have been kept in mental prison by dark elites and secret societies who have done their best to oppress us and prevent us from achieving our potential.
The real world matrix is starting to crack.
Humanity shows signs of the release of the matrix.
What a time to be alive!
Exciting times we live in.
Yes, of course, there are many people who are only interested in the Kardashians, but a l

💊 Woke #Matrix Scriptwriters Complain About The Phrase ‘Red Pilled’ Being ‘Kidnapped By Right Wingers’


Dont use Telegram

Telegram is closed source
Telegram 'requires' an sms no
Telegram is hosted in Russia
Telegram CEO is on the board of WEF

Don't Use Telegram. Don't Use Telegram -

Matrix vs. XMPP: Which is Better for Actually Secure Messaging? -

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Just finished watching OurWalkInChrist's new video about the metaverse and how Big Tech wants to use the matrix-like metaverse to control churches and our religious experiences. If you like this video as much as I do, be sure to subscribe to his channel, check out his other videos

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Here is my new video where I respond to Andrew Torba announcing that he wants to build his own version of the Facebook Metaverse, which according to Torba is a satanic system of control that we must free people from. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to my channel, and help spread the word.

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🪙 Matrix People Pods Backed by #bitcoin Announced!

Max Keiser of https://www.swanbitcoin.com/Alex/ joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the latest #crypto currency news.

🌐 FreeWorldNews.tv - https://freeworldnews.tv/watch?id=60cd2a4248ccab17d0543207

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