Hypocrite Trudeau Caught Maskless After Flying on Private Jet


Legacy media flies maskless on Pope’s plane while mask mandate still in effect https://tnc.news/2022/07/31/media-maskless/ via@truenorthcentre

Global Network Packet Broker Market Growth
Global Network Packet Broker Market will exhibit a CAGR of 8.60% for the forecast period of 2022-2029
Global Network Packet Broker Market Analysis and Insights:
Network packet broker, also teemed as NPB, is a type of device that offers a collection of monitoring tools and is located between tools and device infrastructure. It helps to re-strengthen network security by providing monitoring, security and acceleration on tools for their applications and eradicating repetitive data and protecting monitoring tools from being congested.
Network packet broker is being utilized for various applications, such as intelligence and filtering, data masking, and SSL decryption, among others. These devices are being used in sectors s

COVID Infections and Deaths in Mask Mandate New Zealand Soar Above Those in Mask Free Australia


Group Protests Reinstated Mask Mandate for San Diego Students, Founder Runs for School Board


Germany to Re-Impose Mask Mandate in September Despite COVID Wave Already “Losing Momentum”


Trans Attack | New identity | ☜ It's madness
Parents largely failed to protect their children in 2020 from the nationwide school closures.

They didn’t stand up to forced masking and compulsory mRNA injections. As a consequence, tens of millions of American children have seen their physical and emotional health destroyed.

Depression and anxiety disorders, drug overdoses, and suicides in young people have risen to unprecedented levels since 2020. Tens of thousands have died. We now have another demon at our gate, and is already breaching the walls.


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