Germany now bans unvaccinated residents from buying essential foods.

The German government has begun encouraging supermarkets to ban unvaccinated residents from buying essential foods.

According to BILD newspaper, the state of Hesse has passed a motion allowing food stores to arbitrarily ban unvaccinated people from entering.

The pressure on the unvaccinated grows and grows!

In Hesse,

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Get the 🍿 ready!

Arizona AG Mark Brnochuck

You want the nunchucks.

You got the nunchucks.

In response For Liberty to his Publication

How many times do we keep re voting for the same result to happen

If voting actually worked
they would of banned it like free market capitalism, Free speech and self defense

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

CT/ERIC - Society Foundation used to be based off:-
* Ethnic Nationalism
* Ethnic Protectionism
* Ethnic Tradationalism
* Patriarchy
* Free Market Captialism
* National Currency based on hours without Usery

What will Christianity + Church + Christians do to prevent World Dictorship happening in 2030 ?
If anything at all based sitting on your arse + praying

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