If God wills for the GOP to take back control of the legislature, one of their first priorities should be to place the dollar back on the gold standard.

[No sitting President, legitimate or illegitimate, should have the sole power to manipulate the power of our currency. The worst thing that Nixon ever did to the value of our currency was to take it off the gold standard.]

CRTC Chair Ian Scott Confirms Bill C-11 Can Be Used To Pressure Internet Platforms to Manipulate Algorithms https://www.michaelgeist.ca/2022/06/crtc-chair-ian-scott-confirms/ via@mgeist

Video: Establishment Loyalists Manipulated Into Sacrificing Their Own #Children - The US Government is urging its constituents to give their children a #Vaccine known to maim and kill https://theinfowar.tv/watch?id=62b325a2c1def3381c326925

🧿 Establishment Loyalists Manipulated Into Sacrificing Their Own Children


Biden's 'Minister of Truth' complains about Twitter users who 'shouldn't be verified,' claims disinformation 'manipulates our emotions'
"I always like to say that disinformation exploits the trust gap," Nina Jankowicz said. "It is manipulating our emotions."


MATHEMATICIAN: GOVERNMENTS MANIPULATED #COVID DATA TO PANIC THE MASSES & CREATE “CRISIS” https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/mathematician-governments-manipulated-covid-data-to-panic-the-masses-create-crisis

What is Liberty Lost?

Imagine a world where EVERYONE believes the same thing, does what is told to do and questions nothing. If you are an old-Trekkie like me, that is the Borg. But what the WEF’ers are looking for are Cyborgs to manipulate….MORE TO READ: https://bit.ly/3DWocvT

In response Justin Derby to his Publication

I appreciate your support for me and my stance. I'm so tired of these people trying to manipulate me with this garbage.

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