In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

The same artificial created shortage exists in

National Production
National Farming
National Minerals/wood/rock/coal
National Manufacturing

The barrier
* UN, WEF, Agenda 21, City of London, Davos
* International Federal Goverence
* Taxation, GST/VAT, Income Tax
* Barriers for people - the STATE
* Barriers for Small business/farms/industry/production - THE STATE

State force dumped onto small sector
* Min wage
* Safety
* Regulation
* Mandates

What Solutions does
Organised region
church's offer

Comply with statism goyim
plus give us your time, donations & enegry
which result in no solutions

This is why all region is dying
You all refuse to support R

She Gets It! Meet The Lawyer Leading The Fight Against NYC’s Mandates And Lockdowns

Curious as to who did the arm-twisting in Britain to put an end to the COVID tyranny across the pond.

And it is being reported that Ireland and even France are following suit. [France most surprisingly]

But Austria doubles down on its COVID tyranny despite the massive protests against the mandates and restrictions.

In response INFOWARS to his Publication

It’s about damn time that they come to their senses. I think something BIGLY has happened and that’s why they’re recanting with their mask & vaccine mandates. Hopefully these tyrannical vermin will start going to prison for their crimes.

NYC Attorney GOES OFF During Public Speech On Vax Mandates

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