France introduces digital ID days after Macron’s re-election

Their Election was stolen by the Elistist too.

WATCH: Macron Pelted With Tomatoes in First Public Outing After Re-Election

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🇫🇷 A New Survey Has Revealed That An Overwhelming Majority France’s Muslim Community Voted For Incumbent Candidate Emmanuel Macron In Sunday’s Presidential Run-off Against Marine Le Pen, Lending Credence To The Notion That Left-liberals And Those Of The Islamic Faith Are Politically Allied With One Another. |

George Soros’ Son (Alexander) Congratulates Macron.

While the family, through its Open Society Foundation, spends astronomical sums of money to further the globalist cause—funding anti-sovereignist NGOs, media outlets, prime ministers, parliamentarians, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, and radical progressives in the judicial systems of Europe and the U.S.—it spends an equal amount working to destroy its political adversaries, especially counter-globalist heads of state like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and former U.S. President Donald Trump.

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As World Plunges Into Depression & War, America Is Led By A Puppet President Who Takes Orders From The Easter Bunny

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Macron Claims Banning Islamic Veil Would Spark “Civil War” in France

President Macron Says He is “Opposed to Self-Defense” After Farmer Shoots One of Four Burglars Who Broke Into His Home

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🇫🇷 For more than a month now, the McKinsey scandal—increasingly referred to as #McKinseyGate on social media—has been gaining momentum and is on the way to becoming a major issue in the French presidential election. Opponents of Emmanuel Macron believe that this is a genuine state scandal, and the mainstream media—which has long remained silent on the subject—is now seizing on it. All the ingredients are there to seriously destabilize his candidacy through his record as president: recourse to American consulting firms to the tune of several billion euros, tax evasion, favoritism, and conflicts of interest.

NWO planner predicted Third World War would begin in Ukraine

Jaques Attali, new world order In 2014, Jacques Attali, Macron's Jewish mentor, predicted that World War III would begin in Ukraine.

The end result, according to him, will be a world government with Jerusalem as its capital.

We have written before about what is without a doubt one of the most dangerous people on the planet.

His name is Jaques Attali and for those who don't remember what this man has written, among other things, here is some background information.

Video link article below

This man belongs to the hard core of the satanic cult and as a result he has been able to predict things with grisly accuracy, such as the coming of a pandemic.

In 2009, Attali published an article in

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