karen maquias @kiki
23 November, 11:12
karen maquias @kiki
18 November, 07:46
karen maquias @kiki
13 November, 07:08
Matt Shea @MattShea
09 November, 09:01
Israel prepares ground forces for regional war based on lessons from Ukraine war 👇

Bernice Halbert @Casper63
19 October, 12:19
Governor DeSantis 👊🇺🇸
Bernice Halbert @Casper63
18 October, 02:21
Louder W/ Crowder 👊🇺🇸
BASED Bucs NFL Coach CHECKS RACIST Reporter! | Louder With Crowder - YouTube

Todd Bowles, the Head Coach of the Buccaneers schooled this racist ESPN reporter! You have to see this. Taken from the full episode: https://www.youtube.com/...

Bernice Halbert @Casper63
12 October, 04:35
Phoenix Council considers adding private security to eight city parks - YouTube

On Wednesday, the Phoenix City Council will consider a proposal that would add security guards to eight parks around the city to try, in part to stop trespas...

karen maquias @kiki
12 October, 03:18
Edutrainex user @Edutrainex
01 October, 11:36
Describe Image & PTE describe image template

For More Info:- https://edutrainex.com/blo...
Bernice Halbert @Casper63
25 September, 02:16
President Trump 👊🇺🇸
Trump claims NY attorney General's fraud civil suit is 'depraved' and a 'hoax' - YouTube

READ: Fact-checking Trump’s claims about NC, 2020 election, and his campaign being ‘spied on’: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/election...

karen maquias @kiki
22 September, 02:12
22 September, 09:51
FIFTH CIRCUIT COURT Busts A Cap into online censorship, KHAZARi$tocracy wheeling
#YouWILLobeyTheConstitutionGlobali $tKO$$ACK$

Judge Rules Against BIG TECH!!! - YouTube

Go to www.yaliberty.org/GNG to apply and make a REAL change in this country TODAY!Freedom Garage: https://youtube.com/FreedomGarageJoin my email list: https:...

karen maquias @kiki
18 September, 02:55
karen maquias @kiki
17 September, 11:52
Alfred Johnston @Alfred7116
17 September, 11:17

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