atarmiga: “DONALD TRUMP VIDEO AT KID ROCK CONCERT. EVANSVILLE, IN 4-6-22” (5:12) Published April 9, 2022 Note: This is an amateur video, and the song does contain profanity. So, recommended not to watch with children in the room. THIS IS AWESOME! President Trump makes a virtual appearance at a Kid Rock concert on April 6, 2022 in Evansville, Indiana. Kid Rock opens with his song “We The People”. Enjoy!!

Tommy Robinson (Zionist Kike) (Anti White) on {{{ GETTR }}} Banning Nick Fuentes (Civic Nat First / Controlled Opposition) (No Chance) {{{ Odysee }}}

Note Gettr CEO is Jason Miller, Zionist Jew, Israel first and part of Trumpeistiens MIGA team

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Is it MAGA or MIGA

Why would any RATIONAL LOGICAL clear thinking person choose to support
"right wing'
"left wing"
Trump, Boris , Biden
Israel First
Bioterrorism Plandemic
Agenda 21
International Equality Authorianism

In trumps own words on record:
Trump: "Israel had such power, and rightfully, over Congress!"

One of the 3 Founding Marxist Amigas Leaves Domestic Terrorist Group BLM

BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Resigns Amid Controversy

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