There will be a time when a lot of people will die from water poisoned but the N.W.O will not be able to take credit for that event; in fact it will not be them who does the poisoning.
(Rev. 6:10-11)

In response Jeff Hertzog to his Publication

Part 2
Issue: attacking #religious #Liberty especially MY and others #ReligiousLiberty , #SATANIC & #Luciferian attacks on people like me (I am Non Denominational), Independent #Baptists , Independent #Grace Believers who believe in a Pre-Tribulation #Rapture , if they could, just like their #Protestant , #RomanCatholic & #EasternOrthodox brothers would burn us at the stake! I will PROVE that later! We get attacked by them more than the Left! Also we get mocked when mention "Deep State" they say there is NO #DeepState , the #Rothschilds do not run the world, etc. and they mock us!

There is NO hate at all in this post &/or article
The term “anti-Semitic” in and of itself is a false label used by the Globalists to try and silence dissenters to their Luciferian goals. The “Semite” people include all the descendants of Abraham, not just those born through the line of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham. This is the honest truth! I will NOT be surprised if I get a backlash from this article Please keep an open mind when reading this article.

#Fauci  (a #Devil  ) says kids can enjoy trick-or-treating this #Halloween  (figures, from this #Satan #Lucifer  Worshipper - A #SATANIC #Luciferian " #holiday  ")

Anthony Fauci says kids who have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine can go trick-or-treating

"You can get out there – you're outdo

Clay Clark cracks me up, never saw anybody that can talk so much and so fast, lol..

People we need every person that believes in God Almighty to start praying for this Luciferian Take Over to End Now and we need to do it together World Wide to raise the energy of LOVE over EVIL.

SNL Depicts Lil Nas X Having Sex With God In Latest Luciferian Abomination!

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