It seems unthinkable, but due to Trudeau’s tyrannical mandates, Canadians are now seeking asylum in the US as Fall lockdowns loom.

Video: Fauci Claims He Never Pushed For Lockdowns — Receipts From 2020 Show Otherwise

THE #AmericanJournal LIVE: Proposed Bill Gives Biden Power to Use US Military Against Americans, Suspends Congressional Oversight

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The WHO is preparing the world for the next season of lockdowns, refusing to admit the emergency is over and recommending governments reimplement mask mandates.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted that the very lockdown policies it advocated for have been instrumental in a drastic increase in mental health issues on a global scale.

Doctors: Lockdowns caused staggering spike in viruses among kids

Major study: U.S. COVID lockdowns caused at least 170,000 to die

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