Fred Alan Medforth @Medforth
27 November, 07:35
Klaus Schwab has a new logo: a swastika, and it fits him !
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
25 November, 07:00
Fred Alan Medforth @Medforth
25 November, 05:07
The mask is off: WEF’s Klaus Schwab declares China a ‘role model’
Fred Alan Medforth @Medforth
25 November, 05:07
The mask is off: WEF’s Klaus Schwab declares China a ‘role model’
Twellit Admin @admin
24 November, 11:51
Klaus Schwab says Communist China is a “Role Model for Many Countries” in Creating the “New World of Tomorrow” (VIDEO)
Ex-Mormon For Jesus @ex_mormonforjesus
22 November, 03:02
karen maquias @kiki
04 November, 03:32
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
13 October, 03:45
WEF -Klaus Schwab - World Digitization - Chipping everyone

Goyim will own nothing, eat bugs, live in a pod, rent everything, use smart 'cash' and be chipped

But World Government is a conspiracy "theory"

Also goyim , also stop talking about ESG, World Government, Jews, Digital Currency, Smart Surveillance and Agenda 21


#j3ws #ESG #WEF #UN #agenda21 #Plandemic #great -Reset #beltroad #Israel #2030
karen maquias @kiki
13 September, 02:36
John Burke @johnburke
05 September, 02:52
So let’s break this down
1. Crickets will be used for human consumption. FACT
2. Klaus Schwab said he penetrated the Canadian government. FACT
3. The WEF is pushing a bug-eating agenda. FACT
4. 1/2 of the government of Canada from all political parties belong to the WEF. FACT
5. The Canadian Government has been infiltrated/penetrated by the WEF. FACT
6. Deputy PM Freeland is on the board of Trustees at the WEF and her role in this organization is the push the WEF Agenda, and she’s in a perfect position to push it on a national level. FACT
7. The government of Canada gave an 8.5 Million dollar grant to Aspire to make crickets for human consumption and pet consumption. FACT
8. The CBC is on the government’s payroll and is paid to
19 August, 11:44
BREAKING Klaus Schwab Announces Army of 'Info Warriors' to Take On America #AlexJonesShow
Gerrit Tienkamp @gerrittienkamp
15 August, 10:21
You'll never see this picture of Dutch farmers on your TV…. Klaus knows that if images like this ever reach mainstream media, they will motivate and inspire the entire world, and the globalists will be finished.
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
02 August, 08:46
Trump in Davos with WEF + Agenda21 2030 -

(Goyim will own nothing and be happy)


#Trump #MAGA #kike #Traitor #GOP #Uniparty
#fourth -Industrial-Revolution #Klaus -Schwab #WEF
#agenda21 #Liberal -World-Order #NWO #DAVOS #2030

Clifton Hodges @cliftonhodges
30 July, 11:41
On this scripture, If you were thinking that you have no respect for people like Bill Gates, Klaus Schawb, Tedros (whatever) of W.H.O. (World Homicide Organization), Anthony Fauci, and the list goes on... You have accessed them to exact Just judgement...
Oh my, Was I talking out loud? 😂

#John_24 #Respect #Judgement #Judge #Bible #Scripture #Scriptural #Spiritual #biblical #Saints #YHWH #Yeshua #Hebraic #Praise #Blessings #faith #VerseOfTheDay
John Burke @johnburke
18 July, 12:27

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