charlie brownau @charliebrownau
30 September, 02:57
Gullible Christians Embrace Their Annihilation - Adam Green -

#useful -idiots
#artificial -Outcome
#Judaeo -Christianity
#Judaeo -Islam
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
15 September, 11:47
TTOR the content creator and admin of CorderTV
is on (Masterdon) -

CorderTV is a Free Speech video platform
run by White Christian Content Creator TTOR

#free -speech #Judaeo -Christianity #White -male #USA #masterdon #CorderTV
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
20 August, 02:16
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
05 July, 05:19
I got this email from Epik today (Was still on email list)

I recommend using Njalla for Domain registration instead

Is anyone "FREE" under Zionist Occupation

Is anyone "FREE" under ((( JUDAEO CHRISTIAN ))) system

Statist Slavery system that is :-
* Anti White
* Anti Nation
* Anti Truth
* Taxation
* Speech Laws
* Anti Self Defense
* Neo Conservatism
* Neo Liberalism
International Corporations
* Central banking cartel
* Multi racialism

#DOMAIN #njalla #piracy
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
29 May, 01:21

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