#TulsiGabbard to#POTUS#JoeBiden --> End new cold war (against#Russia#China) before it's too late https://youtu.be/Bu8ojIlc2ww

End new cold war before it's too late - YouTube

President Biden, we need you to be the president who has the vision and courage to move us into a 21st century of peace and prosperity; ratchet down the new ...

Tim Brown Editor Sons of Liberty Radio & Media --> More On#JoeBiden's American Recovery Plan: Unfinished Agenda Or Unfinished Indoctrination?#wakeupamerica - Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor co-hosts! https://rumble.com/vfg4wp-more-on-bidens-american-recovery-plan-unfinished-agenda-or-unfinished-indo

Terrorists Are Crossing America’s Porous Borders And@JoeBiden Is Making It Worse

Todd Bensman, 'America’s Covert Border War,' provides alarming details


#JoeBiden puts lying#Susanrice in charge of an effort to expand mail-in voting, increasing election fraud.


How are the very tough gun laws working in Chicago?

In 2020 alone:
4,033 shooting victims
769 homicides

It's not the guns@JoeBiden - it's the shooters!
Leave Us Alone!


#JoeBiden is unfit,#KamalaHarris is unqualified

Reporter: “You ready for the press conference tomorrow?”

Joe: “What press conference?”

Nope!@JoeBiden is [INSTALLED NOT ELECTED], he's NOT fit to serve with his OBVIOUS#Dementia

#America, If you are waiting for permission from the chief executive (#POTUS#JoeBiden) to celebrate Independence Day (4th of July) with your family, you clearly do NOT grasp the concept of Independence!

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