And here comes the problem maker to our rescue once AGAIN. Mr. Depopulation back from 6 foot under once again since 2013. Helping us with everything that is taking us out. From Food to Jabs to Feeding the smallest ones .... Bill Gates to the rescue. LMAO..... Wake Up Sheeple....

📺 Rhode Island Dems Rush to Mandate Covid Jabs

mRNA Human Genome Transformation

Here is some information sure to be flagged as “misinformation” by lying control-freak Globalist science. You don’t have to be a genetic scientist to comprehend when you read science terminology like DNA or RNA it has something to do with genetics. ERGO, understand that the jab pushed by governments is some form of mRNA technology which has something to with genetics.

Here are two posts which once imminent doctors (now vilified for challenging lying Globalist Science) talk about how mRNA jabs are altering human DNA:

Depopulation & mRNA Ineffectiveness

I cross post Barnett’s indictment of Western Elites and another post using statistics showing just how worthless mRNA jabs are in preventing the CCP Virus:
#depopulationagenda #mRNAJabUselessness

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

@ChristianTalk @TTOR @EricThompson

If your willing to ban SIN , then are
Christians then willing to

Setup a Christian only Community/town/city

- Race Mixing
- Multi racialism
- Porn + Gays + Trannies + LGBT
- Big Phama Vaccines + Jabs
- Muslim/Islam
- Birth Control - The Pill/Condoms
- Abortion
- Pussy Pass
- Affirmative action
- No Fault Divorce
- Yearly Taxation, IRS, Fed, Income Tax, GST/VAT
- Gun "control" (people control)
- Sugar, Carbs , Big Oil, GMO, Pesticides , Processed food
- Fluoride in water
- Chem-tails in the air


40k DEAD from the jabs + 6,636,471 / 6.63 MILLION damaged from the jabs


Australia's new COVID definition for 'fully vaccinated' 10/Feb/2022

Single Jab
Double Jab
3 times Jab
Quad Jab
Each Month
Each Week
Morning and night
24/7 ?

When does the Jabbing end ? When all whites are dead in White Nations ?

#australia #bio -Terrorism #WEF #agenda21 #NWO #UN #Plandemic #bigphama #poison #Jabs #DEPOPULATION

Remember its not terrorism, mass murder or poisoning
when the government , media and big phama works with UN/WEF/corporations
to mass murder the various nations people

2030 - You wont own anything and youll be happy

In response Renaud Be1 to his Publication

PEOPLE PUSHING THESE COVID SHOTS SHOULD BE FORCED TO WATCH THIS FOR DAYS AT A TIME, and if still pushing, you get FIFTY #3 ending serial code Covid JABS all at once as REWARD, so you never catch anything ever again

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