Here is my new video responding to Andrew Torba blaming Israel for the decline of Western civilization about 20 minutes after claiming that he did not hate Israel.

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New Israeli PM Warns U.S. Before Rejoining Iran Nuclear Deal
June 20, 2021/by New York Post
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned the US and other nations seeking to rekindle the nuclear agreement with Iran to “wake up” following the election of a hardline judge as the country’s president.

Israel executes airstrikes against Gaza after incendiary balloons set fires in the Jewish State
The Israeli strikes targeted facilities utilized by Hamas for meetings to plot attacks, Israel's military said.

Waking up checking my emails and finding MAGABOOK. Reading and seeing the children’s happy faces in Israel not having to wear a mask. What a relief. God bless you all.

Watch The Moment Israeli Children Are Told Masks No Longer Required

The Nation of Israel - YouTube

Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker talks about the Nation of Israel and the people who are called Jews or Hebrews.

Is it just me or is something going on with Iran right now? Largest naval ship catches fire and sinks, huge oil refinery on fire, US buying oil from them and of course the Israeli situation.

In response For Liberty to his Publication

Real cute! The dumbocrats recruit BLM??? First off this pic of her calling for the end of Israel is a grade A joke. Most likely she has no idea of what's going on over there. Second, this just proves that BLM is a tool for the dumbocrats. Remember all that money they collected and ignored all blacks

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