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➤ Abolish Nato, says Independent MEP Mick Wallace
Richard Boyd Barrett condemns Russia but says Ireland should ‘not line up with Nato’. In a social media post after Russian president Vladimir Putin formally recognised two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine on Monday, Mr Wallace claimed that “only a full scale war between Russia and Ukraine would satisfy Nato”.

BREAKING: NI Minister halts Irish Sea border checks over Brexit protocol - YouTube

Northern Ireland's Agriculture Minister has issued an order to halt Irish Sea border checks on food and farming products, citing legal advice.

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───── WAR IS LOOMING ─────
Irish fishermen plan disruption to Russian military exercises as war is 'looming' in Europe | https://bit.ly/3tYFSUw

Curious as to who did the arm-twisting in Britain to put an end to the COVID tyranny across the pond.

And it is being reported that Ireland and even France are following suit. [France most surprisingly]

But Austria doubles down on its COVID tyranny despite the massive protests against the mandates and restrictions.

Hundreds attend vigil in Ireland for teacher murdered while jogging - YouTube

Hundreds came to pay tribute to the teacher who was attacked and died while jogging in the afternoon on Offaly County Ireland.Police in Ireland are still sea...

In this orchestra, a woman plays an instrument called Theremin: it is a quantum instrument played only with energy from the hands, an instrument that forms a magnetic field and is played without being touched.

Only three countries in the world have music schools that teach Theremin playing: Russia, Japan and Ireland. The Theremin was invented by Leon Theremin, a Russian who presented it to Lenin in 1920, who was impressed by its sound.

Ireland: Flooding hits Cork as Storm Barra makes landfall - YouTube

Follow us on Telegram: https://t.me/s/ruptlynewsSubscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribeCork was hit by flooding and power cuts on Tuesday as Storm Barra ...

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