Government Armed Order Enforcers (Police) deploy High Audio Sonic weapons
against citizens (Women and Children) at Parliament House who are taking
part in an peaceful protest , against the International Plandemic !


#Order -enforcers

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

This is not just

The International Plandemic, Great Reset , Digital papers please is happening in 170 nations

Its all part of
Agenda 21
World enslavement

Trump or Biden
Boris os Tranny NZ pm
They are all puppet leaders for the World Push for Tax cattle enslavement


#WEF #UN + #G20 #DAVOS

How many jabs is enough , 2 ? 4? 6 ? 20 ? One per week ? One per day ?
Turning up to work, leaving for work, every hour ?

When does it end ? ( Feb 2020-2024/2025 )

Who holds Government, Corporations, Bigphama and Media for the mass slaughter of the tax cattle dying from these injections ?

In response Defiant America to his Publication

Gday DA
Please sign up to

- JoshwhoTV

and bookmark/use
- OpenStreetmap
- SearcX/quant search

LibreWolf instead of Firefox
or Iridium Instead of Chrome

Please check out my video on alt tech over here :

Happy New Year
All the best with the International Plandemic, Face nappy mandates , Great Reset and onward push forwards World Govermence 2030/NWO

International Plandemic and Bio-terrorism of 2020-2024 continues

New Discrimination Rules tightened for un-jabbed people in Queensland, Australia (Sky 'news' Australia)

Medical apartheid for the un-posioned people from 2020-2024 without a ruined immune system

Rules tightened for unvaccinated people in Queensland - YouTube

Tightened restrictions have come into effect for unvaccinated residents in Queensland.Those people who have not received their COVID-19 vaccinations will be ...

In response Twellit NEWS to his Publication

170 nation goverments signed Agenda 21 and agreed with the International Plandemic

This was planned, on purpose and with murderous intent

Prime Monster Scott Scumo MorriSCUM Has Basically Ended " Democracy " In Australia By Cancelling Parliament -

* People's Republic of Australia
* Agenda 21 / NWO / 2030
* International Plandemic + Great 'reset' + 'new normal' + papers please

#australia #NWO #agenda21 #2020 #2030 #Plandemic

Brisbane Convid Update
one person has the convid flu and 2 new 'cases'

Another week of treating the entire population guilty ?
Another 1-2 weeks of muzzle mandates

Will this ever end before 2024-2030 ?

International Plandemic continues

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