UK Gov. Admits Double-Vaxxed More Likely to be Hospitalized as Prime Minister Demands THIRD Injection


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Doctor Threatened with Losing Her License for Opting to Treat COVID Patients Over Injections Speaks Out #CrimesAgainstHumanity #DrStellaMD #EarlyTreatmentWorks #Ivermectin #HCQ

A Billion Catholics, Covid Vaccines, And The Duty To Refuse Injection

San Francisco Becomes First City in the WORLD To Mandate COVID Injection For Children 5-11

Heart Attacks/Strokes for Kids Being Normalized by Medical Tyranny Authoritarians Pushing Injections #AlexJonesShow

Fox News’ Lisa Boothe Refuses COVID Injection: ‘Doubling Down As Middle Finger to Biden’s Tyranny’

More funding of animal cruelty by the mad doctor. First the beagles. Now monkeys. If this kind of cruelty is being conducted on animals, how long will it be before such unspeakable acts are performed on people?

Just yesterday on another social media site, I had someone refer to me as a pin cushion for taking the vaccine. I served in the Military for over 21 years, our shot records were updated frequently. Me and my siblings received all the needed vaccines in the 50's.Before we deployed to Vietnam, we received many vaccines, one was the dreaded Gamma-globulin injection to prevent hepatitis A. Still alive

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