11.11.2021 #Denmark #Exception for #Influenza 'test,'vaccine' and 'PASSPORT' available for free at@CitizenService and completely without having to show a #MedicalCertificate ???
'Order time' at@CitizenService and click on "Undtagelse for coronatest og krav om coronapas" :)

Dr. Zelenko Drops ATOMIC BOMB: Where Did the Influenza Go?

The ZStack is relatively inexpensive, far less then if you purchased each of the ingredients separately. I ordered a bottle to have on hand should I get any symptoms. So far, knock on wood, I've had none even though I've most likely been exposed somewhere in public spaces with no mask, etc.


0908-[1996] Dear Daughter - Congrats with your 25 years birthday... [09.08.2021]
Have you been 'tested' for this SARS-COV-2 influenza virus?
Have you been 'vaccinated' for this SARS-COV-2 flu virus?

Fraudulent PCR Tests EXPOSED! CDC Quietly Withdraws Emergency Use Authorization Due to Inability to Differentiate COVID-19 & Influenza


Fear is Contagious and Used by Government to Control You

Governments use fear to control and manipulate their citizens. This has now been admitted by members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behavior (SPI-B), a subcommittee that advises the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) in the U.K. And they should know, because it

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