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Bloodthirsty Left Vows Vengeance After SCOTUS Overturns Roe v. Wade:

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❝Although the value of the Russian ruble collapsed at the moment of the outbreak of the war, in the initial stages of sanctions, it is now 27.5 percent stronger than at the end of 2021.

Most #eu states preach sanctions and import crude oil. During the first hundred days of the war in Ukraine, #Russia earned 93 billion euros from oil and gas exports. Of this, EUR 57 billion was paid for by Europe. The record high is due, on the one hand, to a 60 percent increase in average exports and, on the other hand, to the fact that several countries (such as France) have increased their Russian imports. And Germany remains Russia's second most important partner.❞

REST IN PEACE, DUMB@$$: Why Listening Closely the first time is important

The Last Boy Scout If you touch me again I'll kill you! (RIP DUMB ASS) - YouTube

What is it that you must NEVER DO when Bruce Willis is asleep? 1. DO NOT slap him in the face. 2. Give him a cigarette when he asks( like the guy in the vide...

Strokes, blood clots, wheelchairs: B.C. patients describe rare reactions to COVID vaccines via@VancouverSun

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#America you CAN and MUST with the #CONSTITUTION #restoreTheMilitia - to save America you MUST individually start it LOCAL - #County LEVEL! Go to my Videos Website, - scroll down to #politics - 2 Videos with links you need to watch, study and take notes and act upon them, all lawful and constitutional! First Initiative In Restoring The Republic: Recognize & Install #GrandJury In Your County - Please do NOT wait until the #November #Election ! #wakeupamerica

FIRST READING: The Liberal plan to curb inflation with ... more inflation via@nationalpost

When I first Joined Truth Social, I had to verify myself with personal information and a code. I did, I got a verified user check mark in my profile. 2 weeks later they removed the check mark with no info as to why. So I have been back and forth in emails with Truth social, the last email simply made me feel like a No Body from them. Stating unless I am in a public interest group, or A Somebody Big and Popular So I can not be verified... WOW! That's one way of telling someone They are a Nobody! Shameful

In response Bernice Halbert to her Publication

No darling, if 1776 (more accurately 18 APRIL 1775) had returned, you wouldn’t need an online article mentioning it: the fake news gang would be the first to find out the hard way!

Democrats knew this outcome.
Back when Abortions was pasts first time. Legal but seldom. was always the lies told..

U.S. abortion rate rises, reversing three decades of declines

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