Analysis from Iowa State University found that it costs rural households $2,500 more a year to pay for gasoline than it did two years ago.

Low income Canadians most hurt by Trudeau’s second carbon tax via@truenorthcentre

TOMORROW, And $atan only knows how many days after, his faithful servant George $oros will be flooding streets with $hriking femin$TA$I Kike-led hoarde$ of useless eaters, all butthurt because SCOTUS clipped their whoredom privilege.


This is the 3rd failed impeachment trial of Trump: Hurt

This is the 3rd failed impeachment trial of Trump: Hurt - YouTube

Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt on how much credibility the media and Democrats have left during the Jan. 6 committee hearings on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’...

HERE WE GO! Democrats AND Republicans UNITE Against Your Guns!

FEDERAL RED FLAG LAWS!⭐here-we-go!-democrats-and-republicans:b

Gun Control is People control

Without a self defense tool you are a defenseless victim waiting to get hurt/stabbed/killed
from a person with one

#self -Defense #weapon #armed #Gun -Control #people -control #Uni -party #statism #armed -order-enforcers

Mark Ruffalo Says the war in Ukraine is a gift to Biden for the new green deal.... WTF is wrong with these morons in Hollywood!!! This dumbass uses more energy then any normal person. What the hell do you think the green new deal has done? Inflation breaking records every month, Higher gas Prices at the pump... You play a smart guy in The Avengers Movie as banner aka the hulk yet your comment is the dumbest thing i have ever heard come out of your mouth... Go back in to your fantasy before you hurt yourself idiot!

She admits she purposely hurt the patient on social media and then lies about it and the school does nothing. Share this so she and the school become famous.😡

Biden could be impeached for this: Charlie Hurt

Biden could be impeached for this: Charlie Hurt - YouTube

Fox News contributor blasts President Biden for overseeing 'invasion' at the southern border on 'Fox Report.' #FoxNews #FoxReportSubscribe to Fox News! https...

Joe Biden and his administration including Obama has not done one positive thing for the American people since he's been in office. All Joe Biden has done is give our tax dollars to help other countries. And to hurt every American in the United States. That is all Joe Biden has accomplished. Ever wonder if it's being done on purpose? What if this is all being done by design to destroy America. Trump stood for America and the American people and the American way of life.

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