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Are we celebrating Independence Day? Or, are we celebrating that once, we were independent?
This 4th of July: Requiem for Freedoms Long Gone?

Family Night in America
Al Goodwyn shows why Hollywood is struggling with many of us

Video: Rubio Blasts J6 Trial As “Hollywood Paid Political Advertisement”


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EXCLUSIVE! Hollywood-Produced Jan 6 Show Trial Exposes Deep State’s Power Grab to All Americans

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Hunter Biden’s Latest Secret Just Slipped Out – Hidden Source Just Dropped a Hollywood Bombshell https://thepatriotjournal.com/hunter-latest-secret-hollywood/ via@onlinepatriots

Mark Ruffalo Says the war in Ukraine is a gift to Biden for the new green deal.... WTF is wrong with these morons in Hollywood!!! This dumbass uses more energy then any normal person. What the hell do you think the green new deal has done? Inflation breaking records every month, Higher gas Prices at the pump... You play a smart guy in The Avengers Movie as banner aka the hulk yet your comment is the dumbest thing i have ever heard come out of your mouth... Go back in to your fantasy before you hurt yourself idiot!

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