In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Its all to achieve 2030

Artificial shortage
Food supply 'issues'

The International slave system is creating a problem
to offer the pre approved solution for the tax cattle

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern (tranny) smiling as she discusses the surge in suicides in her country
- 600 people killed themself in NZ

Ban all Assault Suicides
Make Murder Illegal
Outlaw death

#WEF #GreatReset #Plandemic #CONvid #muzzle #Mandates #Hoaxdown #NZ #tranny #Suicides

Tax cattle not complying to the UN World Plandemic
and Face nappy mandates

- Hundreds still not following Queensland COVID-19 'rules'
- 9 News Australia -

#WEF #agenda21 #NWO #Brisbane #qld #australia
#Plandemic #facenappy #Scamdemic #Hoaxdown

Hundreds still not following Queensland COVID-19 rules | Coronavirus | 9 News Australia - YouTube

Queensland Police are receiving over 100 calls a day of COVID-19 non-compliance, with reports of brawls erupting over mask mandates, and others not following...

White Nations in 2021

Anti White
Anti Male
Anti Merit
Anti Working class
Puppets for {{{ World Jewery, Agenda 21, WHO/UN , Big Phama }}}

Import massive numbers of non white people
while on state enforced Hoaxdown for the Plandemic and International Economy Reset, while we are forced to wear face nappies in retail stores

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