#TheSupremeCourt need to force Biden to re instate building the rest of the border wall, Hell its already Paid for, it needs to be put up!

If anyone that believes Biden's approval rating is 47% do the math, there is no way in hell this man has 47%. If you think he's doing a good job then you are about as smart as Joe. Look at this country and it's Border. Cargo ships that can't unload.. I surprised Joe hasn't blamed Trump for this mess. Look at the Afghan FUBAR and tell me he can lead. My fellow Americans we're doomed!

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Former Detroit Police Chief and Gubernatorial Candidate James Craig Calls For Forensic Audit of 2020 Election


WATCH — Loudoun County School Board Meeting Erupts After Sex Assault Bombshell: ‘You Buried a Rape’

BOMBSHELL VIDEOS: Fmr DOMINION Director Deposition Leaked! Verifies Devastating TRUTHS - https://thebeltwayreport.com/2021/10/bombshell-videos-fmr-dominion-director-deposition-leaked-verifies-antifa-facebook-posts-extreme-left-bias/

BOMBSHELL VIDEOS: Fmr DOMINION Director Deposition Leaked! Verifies Devastating TRUTHS - The Beltway Report

There has been a ton of speculation surrounding the inte

Facebook has gone full R TARD! they censored a pic that shouldn't have been censored! how the hell could This be Sensitive content????


Bombshell: AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem Just Blew 2020 Fraud Wide Open! “34,000 Or 35,000 Fictitious Voters - WE FOUND THEM" - Liberty One News

AZ State Rep Mark Finchem spoke at the Trump rally in Des Moines on Saturday and he told the crowd that voter frau

In response Richard Redhawk to his Publication

I'm medically exempt... So when hell freezes over !!!!

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