Rep. Steve ((( Cohen ))) Condemns ((( Great Replacement Theory )))

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Rainn Wilson is best known for the character “Dwight Schrute” on the sitcom “The Office”. And this is one of his “favorites climbing up the charts!” He posted it on April 7, 2016. Notice how many “Likes”, he got (9, 338). Rainn is another pedo, out of Satanic Pedowood.

REVEALED: How YOU are paying for migrants to take charter flights: Secret taxpayer-funded trips costing tens of thousands of dollars ferry asylum seekers from border to inland cities ahead of Title 42 rush next week

Former UN Senior Advisor Creates Sovereign Health Ministry To Bypass WHO Pandemic Charter

We noticed that on Scott Cunningham's decentralization Matrix chart, we were considered to be the most libertarian (free speech) video sharing site in the alt-tech world. Thank you Scott for acknowledging us!

The Decentralization Matrix - Scott Cunningham

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All White Nations are under going White Replacement + White Genocide

" Demographics in the United States are changing such that white people will no longer be in the majority by around 2045 "


* Hart Cellar Act
- Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

* USA 1950 Census of Population

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Government Charter of Rights conference concludes with sharp words for panelists via@truenorthcentre

The public school system is not the only academic entity that has been poisoned by toxic LGBT indoctrination. Private schools are as well which is why parents and students need to be careful as to what private and charter schools they should attend.

Texas Governor Announces Plan to Send Charter Buses Full of Illegals to DC

It is great to know that the American people support education alternatives apart from the public school system, but why do they continue to place their faith in a system that has shown itself to be nothing more than a corrupt and failed institution that is not interested providing an honest education?

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Are the books going to talk about

Federal Reserve
Income tax
Hart Cellar Act
Fait + gold standard creation
QE/unlimited money printing

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