Nice to see the Aussies finally give the middle finger to their authoritarian government and regain their God given freedoms....

Finish The Race Podcast - Trusting God Even When Trials Like 9-11 Happen

God is the creator of all things, establishes governments, and is working all things out according to His own counsel. Pray for those who are suffering on the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Pfizer refused to supply South America with covid vaccines until governments removed all liability for injuries, deaths

#AlexJonesShow LIVE: Governments Across the World Are Publicly Building Covid Concentration Camps Ahead of New #Lockdown !

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Citizens from communist countries shouldn't receive any immigration benefit nor asylum, for political reasons, if they voted and elected their own communist governments.
There is no room for "buyer's regret" nor Trojan horses.
They must live with their choices.
Tough love.

Situation Update, Aug. 6th, 2021 - Governments hold citizens HOSTAGE, demand vaccine QUOTAS before restoring "freedom"

MINDSPACE: The #UN #UnitedNations Document That Governments Are Using Against Their People - On NOW at my Internet Radio Station Website Radio America USA -

#AlexJonesShow LIVE: Maximum Red Alert! Major Governments Confirm Covid-19 Vaccinated Spreading New, Deadly Plague


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The Olympics are a SHAM. Governments pay hundreds of millions of dollars to curry favor and BRIBE Olympic officials to hold the games. Then, billions are spent to build buildings that will never be used again. They should hold the Olympics in Greece every year, and countries who want to attend should help pay for new buildings and upkeep. This has ALWAYS been a gigantic joke.


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