The FBI – The Dem’s Gestapo Machine

Included in this cross post is a Bitchute version of the Project Veritas interview, A Bongino Show on the FBI corruption and as a bonus a NWO Report pick up of Jonathon Moseley exposing LYING Leftist Fact Checkers who criticize 2000 Mules data. WATCH & READ:

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Canadian Gestapo No Match For Freedom Truckers!

Where's the KGB/STASI/GESTAPO knocking down his door?? Making threats of bodily harm is illegal..

Seems I've made the gestapo mad over at twatter. Tell me what wrong with this..@moneywisecom GW Bush and Dick Cheney need to be hung for their part in fabricating a reason to invade Iraq. If Saddam was still in power, the middle east would be much safer. They was scared to death of him.

Twitter Suspends J.D. Vance Campaign Account via@BreitbartNews
WOW, Dorsey and his Gestapo are working hard for the left. They are loving the fall of America under incompetent leadership, from POTUS and the Democrat Controlled Congress!

If you remember correctly the Russians tipped off the FBI/KGB/STASI/GESTAPO about the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston too, which they ignored, most likely because the FEDERAL BUREAU of INSURRECTION was involved in setting it up, not the 1st time..

I watched this on live stream last night on Pete Santilli Show on Trovo. I'm really surprised PoopTube has allowed this video to stay up, Fakbook and DLive both blocked it for violence as it was happening.. Antifa turned tail when Proud Boys showed up, what a bunch of soyboy cowards.. hahahaha
Bused in, paid for and flash bangs/smoke bomb supplied by FBI/STASI/KGB/GESTAPO.

Proud Boys CRUSH Antifa in Portland!!! - YouTube

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I'd be pissed too and they're f*ckin' with the wrong dude if they think they're going to get away with this GESTAPO tactic..

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