Georgia abortion center grapples with ban - YouTube

(22 Jul 2022) RESTRICTION SUMMARY:ASSOCIATED PRESS Brookhaven, Georgia - 21 July 2022 1. Wide shot of abortion operating room2. SOUNDBITE (English) Kwajelyn ...

If the university of Georgia does not take actions needed to prevent their resources from being used by baby-killers to locate and attack pregnancy care centers, they need to be shut down and its leadership charged with aiding and abetting known criminals and terrorists. Boycotting them will not be enough though better than taking no action at all.

A blow against the Liberal World Order...

The Georgia Guidestones are no more. Someone blew them up. Or maybe it was a bolt of lightning from the hand of God.

Some say the inscriptions were meant to inform everyone on Earth about the plans the globalists had for them. Satan likes to tell people how heā€™s going to victimize them. That way, it becomes the fault of victim for not doing anything about it. By not resisting the Devil, humans become complicit. Whatever happens to us becomes our fault.

With the destruction of the Guidestones, The New World Order was dealt a small blow. Letā€™s hope the Dominant Men are good and mad. I hope they are.

ā€” Ben Garrison

Some quick background on the Georgia Guidestones and their destruction the other day. A demented globalist monument.

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