29 September, 06:36
IF YOU’RE UNCLEAR Why The Term “(((empire))) $chtaat” was adopted for “Jooo YAWK!!!”, this should clear things up directly
#HomeOfTYRANNY #khazari $tocracy #GOYcontrol
BREAKING: Urine Tests For CCW Permits?!? - YouTube

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27 September, 09:24
“GUN VIOLENCE!!!” Is The Ha$bara politicians owned by (((the $INagogue 0f $atan))) use to steal your liberty

#GOYcontrol #BREAKhazari $tocracy #2AallTheWAY #KILLcommuni $tLegislation
BREAKING: Now They Want To Raise Taxes on Firearms & Ammo - YouTube

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20 September, 11:38
HR 8882: KHAZARi$tocracy Power Grabs don’t get anymore flagrant! Retiring RINO knives the Bill of Rights in the back: KILL HR 8882

#2AallTheWAY #GOYcontrol
BREAKING: Federal Assault Weapons Licensing Act Submitted - YouTube

USCCA: (Federal Assault Weapons Licensing Act): Chris Ja...

15 September, 12:31
(((GLOBALI$T))) BANKING And The Privatization of tyranny:
#GOYcontrol #Register (((COMMUNI$T$)))n0tGuns #2AallTheWAY
What Credit Card Companies Tracking Your Gun Purchases Really Means to You Now...and Later - YouTube

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses the recent adoption by the International Organization of Standardization of a new banking code that fin...

28 August, 12:00
RIGHT NEXT DOOR, in KHAZAR-Topheavy Ill-annoy, Right Now. If you’re a Hoosier, push for REPEAL Of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Red Fag Goy Control state law, or THIS could happen here
#2AallTheWAY #GOYcontrol
State Police Get Expanded Power & Disarm Residents - YouTube

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25 June, 12:53
(((THEY))) Are Already concocting new infringements on the SCOTUS-backed right to self-defense…it’s what the $INagogue 0f $atan does!

#GOYcontrol #BREAKhazari $tocracy #KHAZARempire $chtaat
The Truth About The Supreme Court's Gun Ruling - YouTube

NYSRPA v. Bruen Supreme Court ruling, written by Justice Clarence Thomas, struck down a New York handgun-licensing law that ...

25 June, 08:22
Are you as amazed as I am that the FAKE “Right” is autistically screeching in celebration of the Roe V. Wade reversal in complete, willful ignorance of the reality 15 Cuck$ervative $enators cut their balls off at the same time?

#RedFags #GOYcontrol #2stepsForward1stepBack
05 June, 08:21
PARA$ITE$ COPY EACHOTHER. If You Live In a lefti$t $#!+hole like the Khazar Empire $chtaat - even if you don’t - your local micro & mini-$talin$ might try to mirror Comrade Biden‘$ power-grab

#0urKHAZARi $tocracy GoyCONtrol
Body Armor Ban! New York Tyrants Ram Through Several Gun Control Bills - YouTube

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03 April, 11:29
THE ONLY THINGS Standing In The Way of a communist America is the Second Amendment and the guts to use it, because the Constitution won’t enforce itself.
#GOYcontrol #2AallTheWAY
02 April, 05:33
HAMMER YOUR GEOPAPI$T$, FLORIDA! DeSantis Has Constitutional Carry back on the table, but BU$Hevik$ & CUCK$ervative Khazar-felater$ will kill it unless you step up NOW!

#GOYcontrol #2AallTheWAY
Breaking News: Florida Constitutional Carry Is Back on the Menu! - YouTube

Contact YOUR Florida State Representatives: YOUR Florida State Senators: https://www.flsenate.go...

22 March, 05:09
DER PEOPLE$ $CHTAAT Auf Californication needs to be overthrown, not overturned. BTW, what would you bet the majority of UEMF$ in its $chtaat-house are Roth$child rugrats like $oro$?
#GOYcontrol #2AallTheWAY
Removing California's Handgun and Rifle Purchase Restrictions!!! - YouTube

In this video I discuss the Nyguen v. Bonta case challenge California's handgun and rifle purchase restrictions.🇺🇸 Support the Channel🇺🇸Join USCCA http:/...

20 March, 02:49
GOOD MORNING, American Goy: You ARE the resistance! Bloomberg Communi$t$ buying state & local office
#2AallTheWAY #GOYcontrol #Karen $DemandConfi$cation
This Is Happening Behind Your Back! - YouTube

Moms Demand Volunteers have started a new program with huge financial backing to run for office across the country with the sole purpose of, well you know wh...

17 March, 10:35
IF YOU’RE WHITE,MALE & GOY, KIKEael BloomPRICK & GeOPapi$t$ have a legi$lative a$$-raping For YOU!!!
#GOYcontrol #givingThe1 %100%power! #khazari $tocracy
EXPAND Red Flag Laws?!? - YouTube

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13 March, 01:58
REASON NO. 1,857,235 Why We Don’t Support/Endorse “Tux” LaPierre’$ NRA and you should leave it for Gun Owners of America

#KnivesInOurBack #2AallTheWAY #GOYcontrol
Did NRA Sell Us Out AGAIN?!? - YouTube

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27 February, 02:29
FOUR THINGS To Consider before supporting a gun lobby:
#2AallTheWAY #GOYcontrol
Top 4 Things I Consider When Backing 2A Groups - YouTube

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