In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

God loves everyone
yet chooses illmoral evil decipive lying evil Jews as his 'choosen' people
which are behind

White Genocide
Western Destruction
Central banking
race mixing
females 'rights'/voting
Anti Free Speech
Anti nation
Anti Self defnse
Anti guns
Anti White
Anti Truth

Head Of The Chemnitz Clinic Commits Suicide: ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Is Genocide’

Video: MSNBC Declares #Thanksgiving Is About White People Celebrating “Genocide And Violence” Against Blacks

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

"FREEDOM" phone is a RIP OFF

The SAME phone can be bought from China for 200-250 bucks

Parler isnt free speech
Odysee/LBRY isnt free Speech

The Conservatives havent conserved anything
they are Israel First Banker bought kikes that support White Genocide , White Replacement, Agenda 21 2020-2030, NWO and World enslavement of goyim

Get a pinephone instead

Trump - Largest amount of imported population "legally"
Multiracialism is our strength goyim
White Replacement
White Genocide
Israel First
#Uniparty #isreal #black #arab #whitereplacement #WhiteGenocide #agenda21 #2030 #2065

In response Theo Prinse to his Publication

At what point do we stop funding
Federal Reserve
national destruction
National genocide
via taxtion ?

Diversity is NOT a strength

Diversity = No Whites
Diversity = Hate Whitey
Diversity = Exclude Whitey
Diversity = Ethnic Native population replacement
Diversity = Multi racialism

#White -genocide #White -replacement #hartcellaract #Nowhitey

#agenda21 #NWO #diveristy #race #idenity #nationalism

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Biden is Israel First Kike

Biden and Trump are onboard with White Genocide, white replacement, Central banks, corporations, UN, WHO, G20, WEF, Operation 'warp speed'

Uniparty both support Western Destruction, goyim enslavement and by 2030 you wont own anything and will be happy

Jaccine is the death clot

In response Robert Franz to his Publication

170 nations goverments support

Agenda 21 2020-2030
Weath redistrubution
multi racialism
white genocide
white replacement
World Central banks
usery loans + fait currency
Global spining ball hoax
Equality fruad
Wamans 'rights'
Anti Nation
Anti White
Anti Men
Anti merit
and wars for israel

What are you fighting for

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