In response John Burke to his Publication

Statism is slavery

Taxation is thief

Mass Abortion is Mass Genocide

Mass Migration is Mass REPLACEMENT

Black Christian Leader Rips Ilhan Omar: African-Born, Never Condemns African Genocides, Slave-Trades, Always Attacks Israel

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

You and other christians/civnats are in denial Eric

Its not going to get better

Uniparty are not on 'our side'

170 nations all signed tax cattle up to AGENDA 21 in 1991 to be commissioned in 2030-2035

The PLANDEMIC was a sh1ttest for tax cattle were ready for NWO and we failed to reject it as a whole

Joe or Trump
UK or CA
AU or NZ

We are all onboard the same slavery statist system
We are all part of White Genocide
We are all part of World Corporate governance

Let me know when Christians have the balls to talk about race, nation, ZOG and the future and how to prepare for it


All White Nations are under going White Replacement + White Genocide

" Demographics in the United States are changing such that white people will no longer be in the majority by around 2045 "


* Hart Cellar Act
- Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

* USA 1950 Census of Population

#Replaced #demographics #Mass -Migration #race #Nation #culture #identity #HartCellarAct #diversity #agenda21 #2030 #NW

Top Former NATO Analyst: Government-Backed Genocide in Donbas Sparked War In Ukraine

Hey, News Flash: Russia has Nuclear Weapons! If Biden doesn't stop what he is doing by giving Ukraine Military aid like weapons &
Financial aid to Ukraine Biden is encouraging Ukraine to fight by giving weapons & money to fight Russia. Russia wants Ukraine to stay neutral of NATO & not join NATO. Russia said if Ukraine tries to join NATO that would be crossing the red line. Russia tried to stop the war by giving them options to not join NATO. Ukraine rejected the deal so Russia & Ukraine is in war now. Ukraine has the power to stop this war by staying neutral about NATO. Russia is going to use Nuclear Weapons if Biden doesn't stop what he is doing?! Biden is going to start a Nuclear War if he doesn't stop! This is NOT genocide! Biden will be the one responsible on

UK is run by Anti Whites & World Jewery

The {system} wants Whites
* White Genocide
* Whites Replaced
* Whites Unhealthy
* Whites Brainwashed
* Whites Watered down, mixed , IQ lowered

Teachers telling 10 year old kids to talk to fathers about cum and penis's
State ""education"" in 2022

Keep voting GOYIM
since its worked so well for the last 5-25-55-255 years
I'm sure it will magically change the direction of World Government in 2030

#tax #voting #state #government #sheeple #education #schools
#statism #Wealth -Redistribution #Mind -Control #brainwashing

What about the wamans
Not all Niggas
ISLAM is a region of (peace)

TRAITOR JOE Gun-Nazi$ On for (((hi$ owner$))) as white people own the most guns & their genocide is impossible while that’s the case
#2AallTheWAY #BanCOMMUNI $T$n0tFirearms

Joe Never Lets A Tragedy Go To Waste - YouTube

Blackout Coffee: 10% w/code: GNG10Statement:

@EricThompson @TTOR @Republic4nPower @ChristianTalk

Various Church's now buying into White Guilt Complex

What does Christianity stand for again, if ANYTHING ?


Chicago Church "Fasts from WHITENESS"
- Plus, Social Credit; Irish Politician Blasts the War

#White -Guilt
#White -Blame
#White -Shame
#White -Culture
#White -Victimization
#White -Genocide

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