Videos: Biden And Underlings All DENY Recession As Q2 GDP OFFICIALLY Comes In At Negative 0.9%

‘Soviet-Level Propaganda’: White House Redefines ‘Recession’ Days Before Release of Disastrous GDP Numbers

Google got caught for collecting data from the messages and dialer app
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#google #dontbeevil #corporation #security #data #privacy #Android #app

- De Google your PC/Phone
- Stop using google apps/software/services

Spooky - Woman says she was virtually 'groped' in Facebook's VR metaverse, investigation launched.

57 years ago this man knew what the Democrat Party was turning into....

Reagan Warned Us About Today's Democrats in 1964 – CHILLING - YouTube

Ronald Reagan could literally give this exact speech to today's Democrats. This is a MUST-WATCH.

LIVE: Anti-vax protesters gather in Rome as Italy imposes mandatory COVID health pass for workers - YouTube

‘No-vax’ protesters gather in Rome's Circus Maximus as the Italian government makes the Green Pass COVID-19 certificate mandatory for all workers. #News #Reu...

Queensland Premier Annastacia {{{ Palaszczuk }}}
set to reopen Queensland at 90 per cent vaccination rate
(Sky 'news' AU) {{youtube}}

#goalpost #moving #GDP #agenda21 #2030 #90percent #roadmap #AU
#Event201 #GreatReset #Economy #Jab #Plandemic #Jewish #qld

Palaszczuk set to reopen Queensland at 90 per cent vaccination rate - YouTube

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has flagged a 90 per cent vaccination rate for the state’s reopening, deviating from the 80 per cent target as agree...

📡 The #AmericanJournal Daily Dispatch: GDP Projections Slashed by Atlanta FED & 50+ Research Fetuses Found in Funeral Home

France's new military programming law increases the country's defence budget to 2 percent of GDP by 2025. It's an investment in the modernisation of equipment, but also in the training of soldiers. The aim is to teach soldiers to face an army at least as well equipped as that of France in a context of global rearmament.

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