OANN is being removed from DirecTV. But it is streamed on JoshWhoTV (a true platform for free speech) here:

"DirecTV Says It Will Not Renew Contract with OANN"

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I have decided from now on that I will only share links to my content that are uploaded to video sharing sites that don't have a hate speech policy. This means that at least for now, I will only share the JoshWho TV and NewTube versions of my videos on my social media accounts.

#joshwhotv #newtube #alttech #FreeSpeech

This weekend, don't forget my Internet Radio Station, #RadioAmericaUSA - the Robert Scott Bell Show #rsbellmedia Live 6 Days a Week, plus 2 sermons and and Audio Sermon "God Said Man Said" - Donations to keep #FreeSpeech alive is gratefully appreciated! www.radioamericausa.com

With alt-tech video-sharing sites like BitChute, Odysee, Rumble, etc, going doing the path of YouTube with their hate speech policies, draconian TOS and AI censorship systems, it's more important than ever that we start investing in JoshWho TV, the fully-developed alt-tech alternative to YouTube that we've all been wanting. If you want to see a turckload of reasons why we should all be using JoshWho TV, I would encourage you to watch this video.

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There is no reason social media sites need to rely on "app stores." Progressive web apps show that to be the case. Having "hate speech" rules to satisfy the demands of app stores is just idiotic.

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Reminder, check out both my websites & please consider donating to them to keep #FreeSpeech going! www.jeffhertzog.net and Radio America USA - www.radioamericausa.com

Latest news on Telegram

Telegram blocks Elijah Schaffer’s comment section for Apple and Google

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XMPP or Delta Chat is a better solution

Here is my new video analyzing the drama between the Gab Cult community and Gettr as Gettr experienced an explosive week of growth. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to my channel and help spread the word.

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