karen maquias @kiki
26 November, 12:30
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
25 November, 05:29
#TimBrown - Editor #SonsOfLibertyMedia & Radio - Foreign #agents Are Among Us With The Approval Of Federal #Tyrants & Criminals - on TODAY on my Internet Radio Station #radioamericausa - http://www.radioamericausa...
Fred Alan Medforth @Medforth
24 November, 08:52
Biden’s would-be disinformation chief, Nina Jankowicz, registers as a foreign agent
Finish The Race @FinishTheRace
22 November, 05:55
ONE crime committed by an illegal alien justifies the implementation of all measures necessary to prevent all foreign nationals from entering and remaining in the United States ILLEGALLY.
Gerrit Tienkamp @gerrittienkamp
21 November, 01:09
Thailand - Nightclub goers tested positive for drugs in #Pattaya entertainment venue crackdown, passport inspections for foreigners to continue
Pattaya – Four nightclub goers tested positive for drugs in a Pattaya entertainment venue crackdown.
More than 50 officers led by Major General Nantawut Suwanlaong, Acting head of the Chonburi Provincial Police randomly inspected entertainment venues in Pattaya to check for the current seven major rules which are:
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
19 November, 08:18
On the one hand, a lack of fighter jets would put Patriots and the DS on more of an even playing field should civil war break out, but on the other hand, we are left vulnerable to foreign threats.
karen maquias @kiki
16 November, 12:52
karen maquias @kiki
15 November, 10:39
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
15 November, 06:50
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
13 November, 05:09
Kosher Asians attempt to blame Russia for spying
, yet work for jews like ((( Rebel News and TPAU/TPUSA)
and the ((( Australian goverment )))

Yet refuse to name Israel , 5 eyes and Mossad

- ((( Foreign Influence ))) & Spying in Australia: Penny Wong or Aussie Cossack?


#Civnat #controlled -opposition #leftright #kosher #RebelNews #everysingletime #Russians #chicoms
Finish The Race @FinishTheRace
12 November, 07:45
The United States must exit globalism.
It's time to fix our issues, instead of the world.
Close DOE.
Secure borders, end asylum, amnesty and chain migration.
Stop the purchase of American land, etc, by foreign nationals.
Make illegal entry a felony
Drill, Drill, Drill
Gerrit Tienkamp @gerrittienkamp
12 November, 03:09
Thailand - More than 57,000 international passengers arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday, confirmed by Immigration Officers.
Immigration Bureau Spokeman Major Geneneral Choengron Rimphadee confirmed yesterday (November 10th) that there were about 25 international flights arriving at the Suvarnabhumi Airport with about 57,000 passengers. Of those 49,000 were foreigners.
Imogene Frazier @Imogene
11 November, 11:28
Why would we go back to Republicans supported by Wall Street? And abandon our star quarterback? There's so many more accomplishments to achieve with President Trump: Miles of Wall to be built, Swamp to be drained, counter-productive foreign policies to be reversed. Trump was and is targeted by the intelligence community because he worked to avoid wars not start them!

Episode 74 LIVE: McCarthy, McConnell, McDaniel: McFailure (feat. Russ Vought) – Firebrand with Ma… - YouTube

Today on FIREBRAND: Congressman Matt Gaetz is joined by the President of the Center for Renewing America and former Trump cabinet member Russ Vought to delve...

karen maquias @kiki
06 November, 01:54
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
05 November, 04:58

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