Wisconsin: "Anti-Semitic Flyer Mystery"
- Every Single Aspect of Disney is Jewish
- Every Single aspect of the media is Jewish

- https://odysee.com/@ZionistReport:6/wisconsin-anti-semitic-flyer-mystery:0

Notice they never say its incorrect or untrue
its just 'Anti Semetic' and 'hate speech'

#Flyers #truth #EverySingleAspect #everysingletime
#zionism #judaism #Israel #Jews #ADSL
#shutitdowngoyimknow #Wisconsin

Chicago Area Residents 'Unite' after of Anti-Semitic Flyers
" Nigga Kike - Jewerica is a 'DIVERSE' (non white) multi racial nation "
#kike #race #Nation #idenity #GassOver #Comiefornia #Chicago #anti - White

J3ws and K!kes were behind making White nations non white in USA, UK, Australia and EU

We are growing more each day. We are uniting worldwide. It is a great time to be alive to see this history in the making. I have been both a digital soldier and a foot soldier since 2009 when I started warning people about the Illegal Man playing POTUS with the Fake Birth Certificate among other crimes.
I have stood over the freeway overpasses with banners. I have made I couldn't tell you how many flyers and pocket Bill of Rights I printed out and put on car windows with information about the Fake News msm and where they could look for truth online. I am online the rest of the time waking people up on 15 and more different channels. I think I am doing my part. How about you?

1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/xRAFouD7qaMW/
2. https://newtube.app/user/RenaudBe/Yn9GF1r
The not so great, but very fascist globalist evil PED0 reset and transhumanism agenda of Nazi collaborator Klaus Schwab and Dr EVIL Yuval Noah Harari, with their satanic conferences, attended by such low lives, like Faux Joe Biden fraudulent president, and fake environmentalist sockpuppet, Mister whinny frequent private jet flyers himself, Leonardo DiCaprio. Ped0 Klaus Schwab, is also the mentor of such ridiculous sockpuppet politicians, like Justin Trudeau and Macron, both suspected of child abuse.

#GreatReset #klausschwab #DrYuvalNoahHarari #TranshumanismAgenda #WorldEconomicForum #LeonardoDiCa

We knew the jab was bad BUT it is even worse than we thought. Share and make flyers to pass out with this information. They ARE playing Russian Roulette with the world.


Freedom Flyers Against #VaccineMandates For Pilots Announces Major Protest Event


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