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If your willing to ban SIN , then are
Christians then willing to

Setup a Christian only Community/town/city

- Race Mixing
- Multi racialism
- Porn + Gays + Trannies + LGBT
- Big Phama Vaccines + Jabs
- Muslim/Islam
- Birth Control - The Pill/Condoms
- Abortion
- Pussy Pass
- Affirmative action
- No Fault Divorce
- Yearly Taxation, IRS, Fed, Income Tax, GST/VAT
- Gun "control" (people control)
- Sugar, Carbs , Big Oil, GMO, Pesticides , Processed food
- Fluoride in water
- Chem-tails in the air

☠️ #Fluoride : The Reason People Are Behaving Like Madmen


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🛒 #Infowars STORE:

13-Year-Old Dies in Sleep After Receiving Pfizer CONVID JAB
- CDC ''Investigating''

Its not posion when its
* Round up
* Fluoride
* Asbestos
- Big Phama supported
- Part of World Depopulation
#agenda21 #Plandemic #hoax #muzzle #DEPOPULATION #Gates #Event201 #WEF #DAVOS #2030

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