Vice President Harris Delivers Remarks | Plainfield, IL - YouTube

Vice President Harris Delivers RemarksDC, UNITED STATES06.24.2022Defense Now - June 2022.

VP Harris on Abortion Rights I LIVE - YouTube

Vice President Kamala Harris is delivering remarks on abortion rights. She will also hold a virtual conversation with abortion providers and pro-abortion adv...
Word Of The Day: Together 🤣

Kamala Harris' recent speech was a 'load of nonsense' - YouTube

Sky News host James Morrow says one of US Vice President Kamala Harris' recent speeches was a "load of nonsense".At the ASEAN summit, Ms Harris used the phra...

Guy Reschenthaler: It's 'insulting' to send Kamala Harris to Europe | Saturday Report - YouTube

Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) gives his thoughts on VP Kamala Harris heading over to Europe to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Munich Secu...

Munich Security Conference live: Ukraine and European Security with Volodymyr Zelensky - YouTube

Munich Security Conference 2022 - DAY 2Schedule for the Day CET:09.30 – 10.30 Main Stage I: Statements & Conversation (incl. Kleist Award Ceremony)Hand in Ha...

Kamala Harris Briefly Becomes First Woman to Serve as Acting President - YouTube

For 85 minutes as Joe Biden was under anesthesia, East Bay’s own Kamala Harris was the commander in chief. Stephanie Magallon reports. Stay connected: Follow...

Howard Stern: “F**khead” Aaron Rodgers Should Be Kicked Out Of NFL For Refusing Covid Jab

Crime is Skyrocketing, All According to Plan - YouTube

The National Fraternal Order of Police reported last week that 2020 saw historic levels of violent crime, and that 2021 is seeing crime surge in many larger ...

Unlike Gwen Berry, DeAnna Price is an AMERICAN WINNER - YouTube

Unlike Gwen Berry, DeAnna Price is an AMERICAN WINNERFULL ARTICLE HERE:

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