sharm95ankit @sharm95ankit
06 December, 05:38
Satta king | Sattaking | Satta result | Satta king online | Satta king live | Satta king result
Satta king is a popular game that is played on daily basis. #Satta A lot of #sattaking bet on the different games in the satta king. The results of these games are posted online. The company that runs these games usually fixes the timing of the results so that you don't have to wait for hours to get the result. But, if you want to get the result faster, you can find a website
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
30 November, 06:03
🇺🇸 Stewart Rhodes was slapped with a seditious conspiracy charge, with the jury finding him guilty of masterminding the plot to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The Department of Justice said government information showed that Rhodes entered the restricted area of the Capitol grounds and "directed his followers" to meet him in the building," adding that some Oath Keepers teams were stationed outside, ready to "rapidly transport firearms and other weapons into Washington, DC, in support of operations aimed at using force to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power."
ıllıllı ʟօɮɛʟʟօ ıllıllı
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
29 November, 06:23
The @EricThompson Show is on now - #Israel’s Appointed Festivals - God’s Grace. @ChristianTalk #Leviticus 23, listen on my Internet Radio Station, #radioamericausa - scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Eric's Icon 👍
Christian Talk @ChristianTalk
24 November, 04:00
Praise God, Happy Thanksgiving Christian.

#be -thankful, #Bible -series, #Bible -study, #Blessed -in-usa, #Christian -podcast, #Christian -talk, #christianity , #Colossians , #Find -hope, #finish -the-race, #God , #God -is-good, #heaven , #holy -spirit, #jesus -christ, #loved -by-god, #Praise -god, #Salvation , #Thanksgiving , #Thanksgiving -message
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
23 November, 10:00
‘Good’ #cholesterol just a myth? Higher levels do not lower #Heart disease risk
Twellit Admin @admin
21 November, 04:01
RNC Had Roving Attorneys Quietly Monitoring Maricopa Voting Centers, One Has Finally Released His Damning Finds: Report.
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
20 November, 03:25
Clif is BACK to Help Humanity Navigate Through the Near Future CHAOS! (Clif High & Bix Weir)
I sat down with Clif High to discuss the current situation that humanity finds itself in and where it will lead us in the future. HANG ON TIGHT!
karen maquias @kiki
18 November, 09:16
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
18 November, 08:05
Part 3: for an undetermined period of time I will not be posting as often & may be offline a few days as: I am looking to be an LLC for my websites then after that find an alternative to #PayPal – it may take the rest of the year to do this.
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
17 November, 06:40
#Healthcare hell: 1 in 5 #seniors skip paying #rent , buying #Groceries to afford their cocktail of #prescription meds
Gerrit Tienkamp @gerrittienkamp
16 November, 02:38
#Thailand - With the resumption of international travel, many Thais have been heading abroad and returning with fresh fruits or vegetables in their possession.
The Department of Agriculture is now warning travelers not to bring fresh produce into Thailand without acquiring import permits.
Thai travelers who return from Korea and Japan frequently bring with them fresh fruits that were purchased abroad. Persimmons and grapes are some of the fruits that customs officials frequently find in the possession of Thais returning from those countries.
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
08 November, 01:31
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
05 November, 05:31
Antonov slams US over Ukraine weapons supply

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov slammed Washington for continuing to supply Ukraine with weapons and urged it to seek a diplomatic solution to the war.

"In connection with the new decisions of the American administration on additional deliveries of weapons to Ukraine, I would like to emphasize that our so-called partners continue the erroneous policy, thinking that the problem can be solved on the battlefield, spending more and more effort and money," Antonov stated. "We should not think about pumping Kiev with additional weapons, but about how to find a negotiated solution. It is impossible to solve the problem completely on the battlefield," he added.
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
03 November, 02:24
N. Korea fires another ballistic missile into East Sea
🇰🇵 South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff revealed on Thursday that Pyongyang has fired another unidentified ballistic missile into the East Sea. The launch of the missile attack comes after North Korea's Central Military Commission Vice-Chairman Park Jeong-cheon criticized joint military drills between South Korea and the United States today. "The United States and South Korea will find out that they have made a huge mistake that cannot be undone," Park threatened. #FreeSpeech
John Houk @johnhouk
02 November, 01:35
World Council for Health Stands with Dr Peter McCullough

I find it gratifying that other anti-Leftist-Science doctors and associations are calling out the irrationality of ABIM and its Pseudo-Marxist leader Dr. Richard J. Baron. The World Council for Health which is very anti-Globalist science narrative. READ THE DR. MCCULLOUGH ENDORSEMENT:

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