#WarRoom LIVE: Members Of Congress Call For Fauci To Be Jailed As His Involvement With COVID Is Exposed!

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Fauci should be in prison!!!

Secret meeting may have led to change in COVID origins story: report - YouTube

Fox News' Steve Hilton and Lara Logan say Dr. Fauci has a guilty conscience on 'Fox News Primetime.' #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetimeSubscribe to Fox News! https:/...

Fauci Annihilated On Latest Joe Rogan Podcast – Watch


Hopefully he will be criminally prosecuted as well!

Congressmen submit bill to fire Fauci: 'All conspiracy theories turn out to be true'

A number of Republican policymakers have introduced a bill to fire Anthony Fauci, the scientific face of the American corona approach. Congresswoman Marjorie

Video: Rep. Mo Brooks Destroys Media Defending Chinese Communist Party During ‘Fire Fauci’ Press Conference


Today, well still can't TASTE after 3 months. Thanks CHINA-CCP and Fauci. I'm sure there are many more to thank.

Greene: Dr. Fauci, China Must Be Held Accountable For COVID ‘Bioweapon’


#WarRoom LIVE: Fauci Lied, People Died; MSM Now Admits Wuhan Lab Source Of Covid!

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