When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Justin Trudeau’s Canada


Joy Reid Has A Massive Meltdown: America Headed For ‘Fascism’ And ‘Talibanism’ https://libertyonenews.com/joy-reid-has-a-massive-meltdown-america-headed-for-fascism-and-talibanism/

The democratic establishment is at war with the We The People, using ANYONE they can, in their pursuit of national fascism.
Similarities with The China Cultural Revolution: the dark decade of violence and repression that changed the country.

China Cultural Revolution: the dark decade of violence and repression that changed the country - YouTube

Subscribe to France 24 now :http://f24.my/youtubeENFRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7http://f24.my/YTliveENChina Cultural Revolution: the d...

What’s Happening in Canada isn’t National Fascism,
it’s International Neo-Liberal Authoritarianism


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Ottawa is not the end. It is just the beginning. Protests and other forms of civil disobedience are growing around the world . That doesn't mean it's time to relax. On the contrary, it's time to turn up the pressure.


Christian Talk Political - Canada Govt Goes Full Fascism. Russia Mocks Biden. What's Is Great Reset?

On Beck’s ‘The Great Reset’

SUMMARY: I understand Beck’s definition of The Great Reset to be a nebulous combination neo-Marxist-Socialism leaning closer to Corporate Fascism. Watch Beck explain his book & Iverson evaluate it via a Beck interview: https://bit.ly/3IuoriS

'Reminiscent of Fascism' - Croatian President Slams COVID Tyranny in Austria



Globalists Accelerate Plan For Worldwide Corporate Fascism While China Threatens War!

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America is in the throws of experiencing the blurred lines that exists between the Leftist-Socialist ideologies of Communism, Fascism, and Nazism. Justin Smith shows these blurred Socialist lines: https://bit.ly/3E0etn5

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Corporate Fascism: Biden Calls on Companies to Force Vaccine on Employees Amid FDA Approval

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Literal Fascism Before Our Eyes: Psaki Says You Should Be Banned from All Platforms if You're Banned from One via@WestJournalism https://www.westernjournal.com/literal-fascism-eyes-psaki-says-banned-platforms-banned-one/

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