LIVE: Biden delivers remarks on efforts to lower gas prices and Putin's price hike — 6/22/2022 - YouTube

President Biden delivers remarks on how Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is driving up global prices. Biden on Wednesday will call on Congress to suspend federal ...

Will Cain: This is simultaneously sad and inappropriate - YouTube

‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-host Will Cain comments on President Biden’s latest blunders this past weekend in Delaware.Subscribe to Fox News!

CNN reporter says Biden 'worse than Jimmy Carter' - YouTube

Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined 'Fox & Friends First' to discuss the Democrats' handling of key issues and Biden's dwindling approval ahead of the 202...

Biden Admin Warns Of Mass Casualty Event INCOMING If One Thing Happens - YouTube

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Joe Biden is 'blaming everything and everyone' - YouTube

US President Joe Biden is "blaming everything and everyone" for his administration's "many failures," says Sky News host Rita Panahi. Ms Panahi spoke about t...

Biden pledges to accept 20k Latin American refugees - YouTube

Retired acting ICE director Tom Homan joined 'Fox & Friends Weekend' to discuss the ruling as the crisis at the southern border continues. #foxnews Subscribe...

INSIDER REPORT: Biden Secretly Fears This One Thing From Almost 50 Years Ago - YouTube

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Dan Bongino: Joe Biden is like a child - YouTube

'Unfiltered' host Dan Bongino ripped President Biden and the Democratic Party for blaming everyone else, especially former President Trump, for the inflation...

Border Agents went home when President Biden came to Uvalde, Texas | John Carrell | "STINCHFIELD" - YouTube

Retired Border Patrol Agent John Carrell tells the truth about how Border Patrol Agents in Uvalde, Texas responded to President Biden's visit to the town... ...

Oh look, the people who murder babies in their mothers’ wombs and turn them into perverts are preaching at U.S. about how evil guns are, again!

#FJB #BREAKhazari $tocracy #1776 >1984

President Biden calling for gun control legislation amid mass shootings - YouTube

President Joe Biden delivers an address on recent mass shootings and doubles down on his push for gun control legislation. MORE:

Jesse Watters: The Biden family business - YouTube

Fox News host Jesse Watters breaks down President Biden and his family's history of 'corruption' and the role Hunter Biden played on 'Jesse Watters Primetime...

Gravitas: China retaliates after Biden's Taiwan comment - YouTube

The PLA has announced it is organising combat drills around Taiwan. The militaries of China and the US are piling up lethal weapons in the region. Is the th...

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